Personalised coaching and mentoring

You and me. Strategising your career. Step by step.

I work with a very limited number of ambitious professionals as a career coach and mentor. Not more than 5 people at any point of time, most of them being senior level executives.

This is a premium service offering which brings strong individual attention on a 1:1 basis and hence has the best outcomes.

I help them navigate the challenges they are facing, be it career change, building a strong personal brand, high stakes interview preparation, perception management, dealing with politics, negotiating job offer etc.

I am very selective of clients I work with since I have limited time available.

Who I work with:

a. Ambitious, senior professionals with 15-20 years experience, who are multilingual and have lived and worked outside their home country
b. Returners: People who have been on a career break and are hungry to re-start & get back on track

Please read before reaching out:

As mentioned, I'm very selective about the one-on-one coaching clients I work with. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out with your LinkedIn profile URL.

I'm unfortunately not available for brain-picking and free advice giving. Follow my weekly LIVE LinkedIn sessions instead :-)

Apply now

I work in a highly confidential manner with C-level and senior executives from all parts of the world. To protect their privacy, only their anonymized profiles are reflected in the samples below. Should we decide to work together on this premium service, I would happily put you in touch with some previous clients so that you can understand their experiences before you sign on.

Chief Sales Officer, Chile

Sonal has supported me in my challenging job transition. Along her holistic view, I felt in very good hands given her in-depth and extensive experience in recruiting and interviewing, moreover given her warm motivational personal style, true caring and business understanding while advising on my specific case.You can certainly count on her.   

Director & Head of Innovation, Italy

From my first consultation with Sonal, I was immediately impressed with how she had effectively codified best practices in executive communication to influence the stakeholder and audiences to see the value in my profile during my job search. Sonal was able to rapidly allow me to identify blindspots. The result has been a visible increase in landing and progressing through interviews for executive level positions.

General Counsel, Brussels

Sonal is a super coach. What she does is to help you to quickly identify what you want to stand out as a message and if something is buried somewhere in the detail, helps you identify it to uncover your own gold. She boosts confidence and has such a pleasant manner with her care and authenticity. I recommend her to everyone. She really is one of a kind !

Global Director - Digital Operations, Netherlands

Sonal changed my life! I hired her during an end to end transition. From defining key career drivers, searching companies that would suit my purpose, preparing for the interview process and negotiating a stellar contract. Sonal helped me to own my future. I trust in her competence 100%.