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1. You send 5 job applications a day but never hear back.

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3. You got laid off and need to quickly build up your options.

4. You feel your current job is not doing justice to your potential and need a new career strategy.

5. You are returning to a career after a loooong break and don’t know where to start.

6. You would like to have a stronger personal brand so you’re taken more seriously.

7. You wish you knew stuff that HR keeps so secretive sometimes.

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If you answered 'Heck, yes' to EVEN one of these, then I’m the coach you didn’t know you need !

I'm Sonal and I'm NOT your typical Career Coach.

Gleaned from my experience in 10 industries, working with both large companies like GE & PWC as well as midsize and startups, and working in HR across 3 continents, my advice will give you that competitive edge you need to land that dream job, get promoted and lead a richer, happier and more purposeful life. 

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