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I am an experienced HR Director and Career Strategist with a career spanning nearly two decades in senior HR positions. I've lived and worked in Chile, Belgium, France, India and Uruguay. I've helped recruit, build and evolve highly talented teams for large companies like GE & PwC, midsize family owned firms and startups.

I have worked with CEOs and executive committees, and also with front line employees. This gives me a unique vantage point to help you with your career, no matter what situation you find yourself in now.

I hold an MBA from INSEAD, one of the leading business schools in the world. 

Six Reasons I'm Not Your Typical Career Coach:

1. Global view

I have been an HR professional in 3 continents. Yes: in Asia, South America and Europe. Encountering cultural and linguistic differences? No problem. I know how one can integrate and thrive in new environments. It comes naturally to me, as I have lived in countries where I have had to start over and learn the language from scratch. It isn't surprising hence, that my career coaching firm SuperCharge, has clients in North & South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

2. I've faced several career challenges myself: 

I have been laid off more than once and know exactly how hard it is during those trying transitions. I have been unmotivated during what I considered low points in my career. Hence I want you to know: This is REAL counsel from someone who’s been there and came out victorious on the other side.

3. Been deep in the HR trenches: 

a. As an in-house HR Professional, NOT a consultant, I’ve done a whole lot of hiring and firing myself, right from entry level positions to Senior Vice Presidents. I’ve reviewed over 250,000 resumes and conducted over 5000 interviews. How come some new employees do well and rise up the ranks quickly while others get left behind?  I have seen patterns that stick, and I can help you see the same.

b. Depth and Breadth in People Development. I have also worked in Talent Management, Career Planning, Succession Planning, Learning and Development and Compensation. With deep experience in all these fields, I have helped some of the brightest people on the planet grow and thrive in their teams and dreams. I have worked with CEOs and Executive Committees on their People Plan and how to execute it to perfection.

4. Versatility of Industry Experience:

Feeling overwhelmed in a large organisation? I got you covered, I used to work in General Electric and PricewaterhouseCoopers with demanding stakeholders and clients. Feeling stagnant in a small organisation or start-up? I got your back, I’ve worked in 2 tech start ups as well as family-owned medium sized companies and lived through the challenges you’re going through.

5. Contextually specific

Talk is cheap, they say. Every person is different, their story is different. Just because certain tips work for some, they won’t work for others. One size does not fit all and CONTEXT is EVERYTHING.

See me in action! I'm LIVE every Friday at 2 pm CET on LinkedIn helping jobseekers with personalised advice and strategies. Follow #SuperChargeFridays on LinkedIn to catch me next Friday! We've been LIVE since 17th Jan 2020, every single week!

6. Hey there! Hola! Bonjour! Namaste!

I speak 4 languages fluently: English, French, Hindi and Spanish and can conduct business in all four ! Disclaimer though: My Spanish and French are not aiming to get a prize in literature: I speak fluently in a conversation setting. Did I mention I also taught English in Latin America? So if you want to sound more professional in English, I can help with that too! 

My Values: 

Relationships over Revenue, Compassion Over Compliance

I am deeply invested in my clients and firmly believe that in this digital era, bringing our Compassionate and Authentic selves to the workplace is the only way that will help generate more growth for everyone.

Service as the only path to happiness

Nothing gives me a bigger high than helping my clients reach their desired outcome - be it a dream job, that coveted promotion or finding the opportunity to start working again after a long career pause.

Fun Facts About Me:


1. Completed a grueling MBA at INSEAD, a top 3 business school, while caring for a new born baby! Diapers and case studies went hand in hand, and this was by far the best lesson in time management I’ve ever experienced. 


2. I love choir singing, am such a happy soprano! We perform regularly to raise funds for children's cancer research. I also love drinking lots of masala chai - which helps to hit those high notes !