Want to SuperCharge your Emails during Job Search?

One of the most annoying and even scary things during a job search isnโ€™t the interviewing part, itโ€™s also composing effective emails. Learn how to write emails that actually get you a response, without looking desperate.


Advanced Scripts for 18 scenarios so you never, ever have start from zero

I want the templates!

You write email after email. You don't hear back. You've followed experts who tell you two tweak this or that. Watched endless Youtube videos.
Nothing has changed. Till now.

What's included in The Email SuperCharged System

I. All ingredients for writing effective emails


Advanced scripts for:

II.How to Request for a Referral

III.How to write to all kinds of recruiters & Hiring managers

IV.How to write effective messages on LinkedIn (reco, connection request)

V.Pre & Post Interview scripts


Let's go!


No need to start from scratch and no need to worry about tone. Recruiter friendly, eye catching content with the right vocabulary.


Easy to follow, step by step instructions, whether you are a new grad or experienced executive. Can easily be finished in an hour!


Don't just learn scripts, learn HOW to write them, writing good copy is a lifeskill!

Who the heck am I and why you should listen to me!

My name is Sonal and I know VERY WELL what you are going through. I have been an HR Director and have spent nearly 2 decades in HR and partnered closely with the C Suite on talent development. I have reviewed over 250,000 resumes and conducted over 5000 interviews in 8 countries in 3 continents. 

I have been laid off more than once and know exactly how hard it is during those trying transitions. I have been unmotivated during what I considered low points in my career. Hence I want you to know: This is REAL counsel from someone who’s been there and came out victorious on the other side.

I'm ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a course! No long videos, this is an e-book with scripts. No fluff, no illustrations, no gifs. This is for serious people who want to up their email game.

Unfortunately, all sales are final.

No!! We cover those important messages that we sometimes need to send via LinkedIn, too. Writing well isn't restricted to emails only.

You have a choice:

Keep doing what you're doing, or take a shortcut with a specialist.


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