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Whether you are just starting your career or have been around the block a few times, here are some products to SUPERCHARGE your progress.

Salary Negotiation Scripts 

If only there were a simple one-stop resource to help you practise your response ahead of time. With actual scripts, that work. Well, now there is!


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SuperCharged Resume Course

If you're not getting interview calls, it's most probably because of your resume. The good news is it can be fixed, and fast. 

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Email templates for Job Search

This guide will help you crawl up in that recruiter’s inbox, by removing all the guess work. How to write a cold email to a recruiter that gets a response ... How to ask for a referral without appearing desperate. It's all there.

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SuperCharge Interview Course

If you're going to job interviews but not converting them into actual offers, it's most probably because of two things: your content (what you say) or delivery (how you say it).
The good news is it can be fixed, and fast.

Launched in Dec 2022!