What if you could SUPERCHARGE your career for the price of a NETFLIX subscription?


Yes, please!

If you have just lost your job or if you have sent dozens of job applications and not heard back, then keep reading....

Career coaching is very valuable but it’s also time and cost intensive.

Senior and mid-career professionals are advised to invest in 1:1 coaching. The results are FABULOUS. Take a look at some happy clients on LinkedIn. 

However, it’s expensive. And not everyone can afford it. Especially in these times.

Therefore, we have created a completely new model.

A model in which a select group will have access to premier career coaching on a Netflix like subscription model.

At Netflix* prices!!

(*price of a premium Netflix subscription in Belgium.)



SuperCharge Club - Premium Coaching at an affordable price


SuperChargers Club is a membership program where you will learn with me directly: Career Coach and Founder of SuperCharge, ALL our tried and tested strategies and tips and thrive in a community that cheers and supports you.

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What You Get

What people are saying...

Jan, Design Verification Engineer, California
I have watched multiple of Sonal's videos during my interview process for a new job. They helped me gain confidence as well as understand what to expect and be prepared. And I did get the job I wanted :-) Thank you Sonal!
CECIL, Change Expert, Paris
Sonal has been a great help to me in restructuring the way I present myself to others with my CV. As an newcomer-entrepreneur, this can be the key to open new doors to me. Sonal acted as a coach and gently challenged me so I could reflect on what I want to bring to the world.
SARANG, Academic Tutor, Auckland
Sonal Bahl has been a direct and transparent influencer in my career progression, while being a mature student abroad. Anyone - job seeker or working professional can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage while networking with Sonal.
PRANJAL, Marketing Manager, New Delhi
Sonal has been great in helping me find my right career. From counselling of what could be the situation and how can it be made better to giving guidance to find the next best alternative, Sonal has proved to be one of the best helping hands. 
VASUNDHRA, Life Transformation Coach, Mumbai
Sonal is charming, well-spoken, highly resourceful and knows her stuff inside out! I love her passion and highly recommend getting her on board to make a difference in your life. She is all heart and soul and comes from a pure space, which is a rarity in today's day and age!
SANDY, Business Coach, New York
Working with Sonal was a wonderful opportunity. She was direct, informative and guided me to see what was possible in my career. Sonal gave me tremendous value and aided in helping me overcome my short comings. She is a blessing!
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