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I love engaging with audience members on ideas that not only inspire, but feel pragmatic and achievable. There’s a certain energy in those moments - for the audience and for me. It’s an opportunity to make a special connection that creates the domino effect of further impact.

I don’t do boring. In fact, whenever possible, I use humour. I work hard to bring a fun and memorable experience to your audience, and I can speak on a wide variety of subjects. Each presentation is customized to meet the goals of your conference.

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Brand Collaboration:

So, you want to collaborate with me? That's a bold move, my friend! But before we start working together, let's make sure we're the right fit. As someone who's passionate about career development, I'm always looking to help fellow solo preneurs grow their businesses and enhance their services. Whether it's creating content, organizing workshops, or other customized solutions, we can explore our options and see if we can make some magic happen. But listen, I'm not just looking to collaborate with anyone. I'm looking for someone who's fun, energetic, and ready to take things to the next level. So, if that sounds like you, let's connect!

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